In the Cotswolds!

Ok it's true, sometimes I moan about the weather, I complain about the summer (actually the summer-mode: off!) or about the food (not too much about this though!) but you know, I am originally from a Country where the most unexpected situation is to have 20 degree in July or a little bit of rain. I genuinely can't say anything about the food or the quality of it as it's one of the best places in the world where to eat so, yes standards are quite high. Maybe the only downside could be having to pay 10 euro for a coffee in Venice if you are not smart enough to avoid St. Mark's Square but.. come on these are details! 

Well that said, I have to admit that when we speak about the English Countryside (and I know, the rain does make the difference here!) I am at awe as there is nothing more beautiful than going to the Cotswolds for a spring break. Here the traditional stone buildings, the hobbit-like villages with gentle streams and wild flowers are a quintessential English beauty.  Bibury, Bourton-on-the-Water, Lower Slaughter and the Old Mill are just a few names in the long list of wonderful villages. This time I also managed to take my beautiful ginger cat, Paddy, with us. Together we went for some lovely walks, enjoyed the sun (oh yes!) and the fantastic scenery. 


Christmas and McQueens

This past Christmas has been so exciting in terms of work, new adventures and fun! I cannot hide it was tiring, endless sometimes, sleepless and cold (!) but it was totally worth it. I also had the chance to help McQueens with weddings and corporate Christmas decorations throughout London and let me tell you: it was amazing! Here are some pictures of what happened including a well-deserved time spent with my family around Christmas here and in Italy. 

That said, a very Merry Xmas and a fabulous New Year guys!! Make the most of 2017, wherever you are x