Celebrating Literature and Flowers

Another lovely weekend with culture as a main focus. It all started with Shakespeare's Birthday at the British Library. 
Here itinerant actors were performing different characters from the Bard's literature while a Shakespeare Karaoke was entertainingand involving enthusiasts who wished to give voice to the Writer through the most famous plays. 
Music, poems, interviews where then taking place throughout the evening. The atmosphere was vibrant and joyful, the perfect celebration for Shakespeare's 400! 
The weekend proceeded with a splendid exhibition at the National Gallery. A definitelynot to be missed one: "The Dutch Flowers". There is still plenty of time to enjoy it as it goes on until 29th August so I won't exclude a second visit. Indeed it is a tiny precious jewel within the National Gallery. Set in a quiet and dark room, the exhibition boasts a beautiful selection of paintings from XVII Century giving a great overview on the genre which coincided at the time with a grown scientific interest in botany and horticulture. From a more symmetric and linear style of the first works to a wilder and asymmetric design, the 'Dutch Flowers' exhibition describes a variation in taste, lines and colours towards a modern and more decorative taste. In this case I have to admit, the traditional style of the first paintings really stole my heart. In general being there, surrounded by beauty was like listening to a pure and gracious poem that pleased my senses.