Christmas and McQueens

This past Christmas has been so exciting in terms of work, new adventures and fun! I cannot hide it was tiring, endless sometimes, sleepless and cold (!) but it was totally worth it. I also had the chance to help McQueens with weddings and corporate Christmas decorations throughout London and let me tell you: it was amazing! Here are some pictures of what happened including a well-deserved time spent with my family around Christmas here and in Italy. 

That said, a very Merry Xmas and a fabulous New Year guys!! Make the most of 2017, wherever you are x


Isabella Forum London - Lansdowne Club

At the end of September I was contacted by Grace and Jennie, two amazing ladies and co-founders of Isabella Forum, a membership network that helps women to better manage their financial future. On that occasion I was asked if I could design some floral arrangements for the event they were organising at the Lansdowne Club in London, on 28th October. Let me say that the very first time I spoke to Grace on the phone, I found a person that could immediately understand how I feel about my job and the reasons why I have decided to work with flowers. I felt connected straight away so, to me, it was a real pleasure to be involved with their project.

The event "The Journey Begins with You" took place few days ago at a fabulous location, in the heart of Mayfair. Grace and Jennie valued so much my job and taste that I was given free option to choose flowers, colours and designs. I went for a natural autumnal look, as I love sourcing blooms following the season and tones I can see outside the door.

It was so nice and rewarding to see people's reactions to my work! I left the venue with a big smile and the "looking forward feeling" to my next adventure. 

Quick update: here is Grace's feedback on my work. Needless to say I feel so grateful and happy! 

"So many people commented on the flowers and their artistry.  Your work made the day more visually beautiful for everyone and truly helped us create the mood we were hoping for.  Everyone felt relaxed and open to talk to each other...sharing some very personal experiences about money...not an easy thing to do!  That is part of the power of flowers. Thank you for delivering everything as you said you would."

Pictures of the venue + 2 lovely attendees at the end of the event taking home some well-deserved flowers! 

What happened?

Very exciting and wonderful days at McQueens last week! We focused mainly on Corporate and Event works with a final special day: loose and natural arrangements that recalled the Dutch Masters! Wagner, the teacher, was just amazing.

Needless to say that I enjoyed each single day and looking forward to the next step, weddings! 

Take a look at the amazing pictures below for some inspiration. The last one is a "treat" by Yoshitomo Nara from Stephen Friedman Gallery which made me think to the quote:

"All the flowers of Tomorrow are in the seeds of Today". So very true, isn't it?


My First Week at McQueens

Just got home and found a bit of time to chill out and write something about my first week at McQueens. I honestly cannot believe how fast it went! Very true that time flies when you have fun and I definitely enjoyed every moment of it!  Five days of great designs, thousands of flowers and good vibes. Let me speak about the teachers Wagner, Diana and Alina as they are simply fantastic. I am absolutely in love whenever I see them playing with flowers and creating beautiful arrangements. They are super clear, very kind and so, so funny which makes things easier and more relaxed. Also if you have any doubt or any question they are really there for you, caring and looking after your needs. It's lovely to learn something new but it's equally important to find great people that make your experience a very special one! 

Back to the class now. As I wrote in my previous post, the first day was focused on some hand-tied bouquets to practice the dome type shape, McQueen's signature. It didn't take too long to approach the table arrangements though and that made my week! Low arrangements, tall ones, long and low with cascade, elaborate tables: what a dream! 

I can't hide my enthusiasm whenever I see something creative and arty taking shape in front of my eyes but it's even more exciting when you are actually working on it and doing your part! So many new ideas, so many tips and advice on the mechanics but above all a beautiful mix of colours, lovely flowers and stunning designs! And if you still haven't had enough, well you can just spend the very last part of the day making some tiny posies with the leftover flowers to take home for your friends and family. While I'm writing this, I am already thinking to next week and looking forward to new blooming adventures for my floral journey!