Flowers Galore!

"With freedom, books, flowers and the moon, who could not be happy?" O. Wilde true! In fact driving on your own for 2 hours through the English countryside, Somerset this time, to get to a little corner of Paradise where flowers will be the main purpose of your stay, who would not be happy? Add the sun and a good book, the result is perfection! That was exactly my retreat at Holbrook House in Wincanton with Sabine Darrall, an amazing florist with a style of her own. I cannot stress out how important it is to be open-minded and inspired by different designs and technics. In this case it's a more natural and gardening style where flowers have however their own precise position in the arrangement yet with a very intuitive and spontaneous look. 

3 Weddings in 3 Days "gives a unique insight unique into the creative process of designing, installing and styling a wedding". The amazing thing about Sabine's course is that you have the possibility to go and work through different styles and to offer your clients the right result to a specific design. From deluxe weddings to elegant and classic or rustic ones, choosing the best option might be quite difficult as they are all beautiful and breathtaking! Sabine is a great teacher and really very nice, she will help you and answer any of your question from A to Z, thanks to her huge experience with flowers and weddings.

Now one thing that did make the difference between this course and any other that I have attended so far is that you have available a model and a photographer! Like this you can have great and professional photo shoots of your works that you can use in your portfolio...which is - I shouldn't need to say - AMAZING.

What great experience I had! 

"...and I dreamed your dream for you" M. Knopfler

Another week has gone. A week of flowers, smiles and good fun! 

I'm sure I will miss that place in the end, the amazing teachers and those lovely people I feel so close to me, with the same aspirations and hopes. There's always a wonderful atmosphere, very good vibes. Everyone is there to help, to listen or just to have a nice chat. Everyone loves flowers! 

The main focus this week was "weddings, weddings and more weddings"! We still miss one lesson because of the Bank Holiday last Monday, so a full day of "shower bouquets" is waiting for us. I can't wait, even if that means a whole day of wiring! 

Yes exactly, most of the times, according to the bride's preference of course, a wedding may involve a lot wiring and taping: from buttonholes and corsages, to circlets and bridal bouquets. The latter however, if not wired, can have different shapes and styles. The latest trend of the year is a very natural and sometimes asymmetric design with no wires involved as said above, called "garden bridal bouquet". Otherwise the dome-shaped bouquet is always a classic and can vary from monochrome/mono-flower to a selection of different blooms and colours. Plenty of choice for any preference or palette. No disappointed brides! 

Last wedding lesson is tomorrow, then big installations! Trainers are ready for hard work up and down the ladder. So so looking forward to it.

A big standing ovation for the weather in London this week: warm, sunny and beautiful. The Columbia Flower Market was very enjoyable today. Wonderful and colourful as usual with some good music too!