"...visible only to those who know where to look"

If you had the possibility to spend some time in one of the most beautiful Countries, which actually happens to be your Country, would you not? Of course you would, that’s why I took the chance to enjoy a short break where the sun shines, Spring is not just a word in the dictionary and places recall beauty and tranquility. Italy, my first Love! I’m writing this post while still here and have quite a few days to go, yet it feels like I have filled a bag full of images, senses, memories and wonders already.

Villa Barbarigo - a 16th-century rural mansion in Valsanzibio/Padova - with its remarkable gardens, the impressive statues as well as the many fountains and a lovely labirinth was a very good start indeed.  

Al Tezzon Restaurant and its glorious food then welcomed us by spoiling the senses with an epic gastro-experience that is always hard to forget. Lovely service, exceptional food, good memories: what a place!

When your first day at home is so brilliant that nothing could compare to it, then leave it with Venice, it’ll definitely do the job! It is impossibile not to fall in love with every corner of this place, each little alley speaks a beautiful language you cannot ignore. Venice inspires and seduces, it gives memories you will never forget. Breathe pleasure and elegance, enjoy the historical buildings, the busy squares, the reflections on the canals, the vibrant colours and don’t forget to smile! Enjoy the oddity where the bus is a ferry, the taxi is a posh motor boat and touristy cars are very expensive gondolas.

After a day like that, only one place could restore the balance of a stunning sight.  A place I particularly love for its beauty and sweet memories it recalls whenever I think of it. The Botanical Garden of Padova, created in 1545, is the oldest existing university botanical garden in the World and part of the Unesco Heritage. Every step you take is a reverie of surprises where you can enjoy a silent walk or listen to the sound of water, where ancient and modern coexist and …where I can even find my name among the medicinal plants! Wandering around, enjoying the historic trees like a huge magnolia or the oldest plant of the garden, a palm planted in 1585 and famous thanks to Goethe’s essays  it’s an experience that cannot be missed. Water lilies are still my favourite there like hellebores and tulips of course. Vivid and bright yet delicate flowers that inspired so many people in the past.

I would like to end this post with a small part of a sonnet I found at Villa Barbarigo. It’s  a lovely ode to Nature and its magnificence “visible only to those who know where to look”


"Curioso viator che in questa parte

Giungi e credi mirar vaghezze rare

Quanto di bel, quanto di buon qui appare

Tutto deesi a Natura e nulla ad Arte"