Pleasure and delight: Flowers, Art and Music

Flowers but not only, what a bright and lovely Easter!

Having decided to stay in London during this Bank Holiday, we opted for something a bit less traditional a lot more colourful and different. If you love flowers and you feel the need to fill your eyes with beauty, Columbia Road Flower Market is the perfect place for you. Let me say that fortunately this street market is open on Sundays only, otherwise I could easily spend every morning slowly wandering around and carefully choose what flowers to pick each time. Anyway, despite the early showers, the stalls were there, proud and delighted to show beautiful spring flowers just for everyone's pleasure. Because of the time of the year, I thought I would easily walk undisturbed from stall to stall without queuing or zigzagging among a hundred people as I usually do, well I was obviously wrong. Thumbs UP to Columbia Road Flower Market, Thumbs down to Easter Lunch: the place was as crowded as usual!

After a walk up and down the road I was gifted with some lovely and vibrant flowers: mixed coloured anemones, hyacinths and white ranunculus… only for my enjoyment. What a lush!

Flowers were obviously part of this Bank holiday but not the only ones.

As Samuel Johnson used to say "Curiosity is, in great and generous minds, the first passion and the last", therefore who are we to ignore this desire of fulfilment and satisfaction? Ah! We obviously took the opportunity to see something new (and great) by visiting one of London's architectural gems: Two Temple Place. A beautiful Victorian building of late nineteenth-century owned by William Waldorf Astor, the richest man in the world at the time and used as his office. This extraordinary place not only is a jewel in Central London but is also home of a lovely temporary exhibition, "Beyond Beauty. Transforming the Body in Ancient Egypt". We tried to focus on the stunning collection but kept a close eye on the building with the promise to go back for the guide tour on 21th April.  Time is never enough when you find yourself in a such remarkable places where your eyes are wide open with surprise and amazement.

Would you ask for more? Well if you can, why not!

Therefore last but not least: Music! Can you imagine your life without it? Nope, I can't so there is nothing better than a concert to end your evening with. Kodaline at the Eventim Apollo in Hammersmith! What a gig! The Irish band was simply amazing, very good music, great vibes and lovely company of course.