The New York Botanical Garden

Have a peep into the fabulous New York Botanical Garden! Founded in 1891 the NYBG is a peaceful and natural oasis in the Bronx. The place is so incredibly big that they even provide you with a tram service to take you around. I actually used it twice just to make sure I didn't miss anything! I felt like Alice visiting an exciting and surprising Wonderland, every corner, every spot, every garden was love at first sight. Indeed I fell in love with the Conservatory for example  but what really stole my heart were the Thain Family Forest and The Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden. When I wandered in the Forest I could breathe the history of that place, I walked "along Native American hunting trails, and passed under trees dating back to the American Revolution". The time stops when you are there, you hear the sound of silence and its immensity. The Rose Garden is another story. More than 650 varieties of roses: a jubilation of colours and perfumes and beauty. Take a look at David Austin's Princess Alexandra of Kent. A real dream. They say that summertime is the best moment to enjoy it...can you imagine that?!