That's all Folks!

"That's all Folks!" Like the famous sign off from a great adventure, this is the end of a fantastic journey at McQueens Flower School. After 4 weeks of stunning designs, amazing people, fabulous teachers and beautiful flowers, the McQ adventure has come to an end. I would like to thank, once again, Wagner, Diana and Alina for being not just amazing but super-duper instructors. Their professional but very friendly and lovely attitude has made this experience unique. Another huge 'thank you' goes to the other students aka partners in crime for sharing the same dream with great passion and big smiles: It wouldn't have been the same without you guys!

This week - despite being the last one - has been very challenging and full of wonder as the main focus was on Large Scale Designs. Have you ever thought of 'building' a Tree? Well we did and it was just stunning! Definitely the best experience of the whole course as the result was an enchanting blue forest. 

Other designs were a huge colourful arch, impressive floral chandeliers, a stunning background with garden and a super very cute flower wall!

This course has been a well-deserved success for everyone and I couldn't genuinely ask for anything better than this. Thank you guys and see you soon!


My First Week at McQueens

Just got home and found a bit of time to chill out and write something about my first week at McQueens. I honestly cannot believe how fast it went! Very true that time flies when you have fun and I definitely enjoyed every moment of it!  Five days of great designs, thousands of flowers and good vibes. Let me speak about the teachers Wagner, Diana and Alina as they are simply fantastic. I am absolutely in love whenever I see them playing with flowers and creating beautiful arrangements. They are super clear, very kind and so, so funny which makes things easier and more relaxed. Also if you have any doubt or any question they are really there for you, caring and looking after your needs. It's lovely to learn something new but it's equally important to find great people that make your experience a very special one! 

Back to the class now. As I wrote in my previous post, the first day was focused on some hand-tied bouquets to practice the dome type shape, McQueen's signature. It didn't take too long to approach the table arrangements though and that made my week! Low arrangements, tall ones, long and low with cascade, elaborate tables: what a dream! 

I can't hide my enthusiasm whenever I see something creative and arty taking shape in front of my eyes but it's even more exciting when you are actually working on it and doing your part! So many new ideas, so many tips and advice on the mechanics but above all a beautiful mix of colours, lovely flowers and stunning designs! And if you still haven't had enough, well you can just spend the very last part of the day making some tiny posies with the leftover flowers to take home for your friends and family. While I'm writing this, I am already thinking to next week and looking forward to new blooming adventures for my floral journey!

Back to School!

It has been a very exciting first day at McQueen's School and I was definitely looking forward to it. Since I first stepped into the building I could breathe a creative and inspiring environment where people were very focused on their work but still smiling and enjoying what they were doing. From contracts, to events, to the actual shop, everything was vibrant and full of energy!

The classroom was very airy and bright; at the end of it a superb selection of flowers standing out from a huge black board. More colourful flowers were against a white wall too and the result was a blissful and enchanting atmosphere everyone could fit perfectly in.

I was given an apron, a pair of scissors and a few more tools. After a good introduction and a tour of the building (wonderland is nothing compared to it!!) we started with the "hard work". The Teachers were absolutely amazing, very efficient and lovely. I could feel myself at ease since the beginning as there was a very good balance of work and pleasure. Everyone was enjoying it and you could definitely tell. We focused on the hand-tied bouquets and I really had good fun. I left the School with a big big smile on my face and the "looking forward mood" to the next time!

Learning never exhausts the mind

Pretty excited to get to start McQueens' School on Monday for 4 weeks of great fun! I was looking forward to it since the moment I booked the course few months ago.

Updates and pictures will follow, enthusiasm is already ON!

...because we never stop learning! Ah the quote is by Sir Leo da Vinci of course (it's his Bday too!)