Raising my Profile at The British Library.

I have just come back from the British Library - Business & IP Centre where I attended a very inspiring workshop by Jessica Huie: "Raise your Profile".

Now, those who know me very well, are aware of my fear of getting out there and speaking to people. Rather than raising my profile I was - on the contrary- trying to keep a very low one. I mean, I was labelled a shy person for a reason, I guess! That said, I have always thought naively enough, that if I could do something well, maybe people would notice it, eh? Well I was wrong! There are so many talented voices out there and this world is overwhelmed by information, inputs, data, names...who am I to stand out just by sitting here? 

Reaching people is not easy. You have to have a story, a hook, something interesting to say..but above all you have to be authentic. I think this is the very first "must" everyone should pursue when running a business (and of course in life).  I mean you can start a Company, talk about it, explain the reasons why this happened, work on how to get out there but when it's time to share your experience this has to be genuine, truly based on a passion. If you are faking it, sooner or later people perceive it and maybe it's just a waste of time? 

It's important to talk, it's fundamental to share and not to be afraid of showing your fears, your failures, your success because that actually determines who you are, what you can improve and develop to be the best version of yourself. 

Therefore I have to do my homework, my research and start planning! Huge Thank you Jessica Huie and the British Library for a much appreciated inspirational morning!