Back to School!

It has been a very exciting first day at McQueen's School and I was definitely looking forward to it. Since I first stepped into the building I could breathe a creative and inspiring environment where people were very focused on their work but still smiling and enjoying what they were doing. From contracts, to events, to the actual shop, everything was vibrant and full of energy!

The classroom was very airy and bright; at the end of it a superb selection of flowers standing out from a huge black board. More colourful flowers were against a white wall too and the result was a blissful and enchanting atmosphere everyone could fit perfectly in.

I was given an apron, a pair of scissors and a few more tools. After a good introduction and a tour of the building (wonderland is nothing compared to it!!) we started with the "hard work". The Teachers were absolutely amazing, very efficient and lovely. I could feel myself at ease since the beginning as there was a very good balance of work and pleasure. Everyone was enjoying it and you could definitely tell. We focused on the hand-tied bouquets and I really had good fun. I left the School with a big big smile on my face and the "looking forward mood" to the next time!