Food and Flowers: a perfect match!

Meeting Deborah from The Red Beetle Travelling Food was so much fun Today! I really admire her determination. Every time I have the pleasure to meet her, she turns up with bags full of ideas, enthusiasm and a beautiful smile. I genuinely invite you to try the Red Beetle's products as they are just outstanding, simply delicious. Deborah is now preparing the Christmas Boxes, you definitely don't want to miss these! 

From her Website. the Company's philosophy is to bring the most genuine, locally grown, authentic Italian food products to your table. She travels around Italy to establish a personal connection with her suppliers, to ensure that each and every ingredient is the most loved and cared for. 

So we met at Ottolenghi in Islington (place that I adore as food and location are lovely) and set up a photoshoot. Again, the autumnal look for me is a must! I never tire of this Season and its colour, it's simply poetic and inspirational. On this occasion I chose some Dahlias, Carnations, Amaranthus Caudatus and a lot of Eucalyptus for a natural and wondrous look.