Floral Headbands for special occasions!

On 19th October, I was at the Forge in Bristol to attend a lovely workshop by the fabulous and talented Sabine Darrall for an update on Wedding Accessories. The atmosphere at the event was very relaxed and convivial, I enjoyed it a lot in particular the fact that everyone could freely express their own creativity using wonderful seasonal flowers. I went for a much loved bohemian look. 

The workshop was very well organised, there were even a model and a make-up artist for the photo shooting. I couldn't ask for more!

Ah, one quick note: have I already told you that I love this Season? Autumn, what a pleasure! I can see poetry and be inspired by simply looking outside the window. From orange to yellow, red-purple colour or even black, how would you be able to miss this daydream?

Photo Credits: Sabine Darrall @sabinefloral

Make-Up: @flo_wear

Fun: all mine!